Wonderful  you appear me from the ferry and the heart is filled up of joy, the look flies from a part to the other, is made phrenetic, all does not succeed to embrace to you: I see majestic Christ King, the Strait and Tip Beacon, imagine colorful Lagos of Ganzirri, return to observe the Votive Temple of Christ King and, little more in here, the Sanctuary of Montalto. Not there is that to say, you are very beautiful with your in bloom waterfront with the palms svettanti and exotic , than wonder the Public square of the Unit of Italy with the monumental Palace of the Government and beautiful Fountain of Neptune. Not enough! The eye runs after familiar images, friends, cakies visions that elsewhere are not, does not know, does not exist... the air is pure, the most limpid sea, breath well, is to house! The Peloritani sweetly is lain down nearly protect the city of the Madonna of the Letter, always sees the Bell tower of the Dome and that Lion roars because... Messina is immortal! The Madonnina of the Port bless the ships to the income: VOS ET IPSAM CIVITATEM BENEDICIMUS, I observe Her affected and, contemplating Her, me meeting to pray.

Also about you Madonna I speak,

of you that it illuminates that Port of that intense flame

that it heats the hardest minds also

You that from waters of the Port

you rise and protect and guides the sailors and

bless the City.

Regional Museum

Caravaggio: Adoration of the Shepherds and Lazzaro's Resurrection


Messina, arranged to amphitheater, it smiles clean on the Strait that divides the Sicily from the extreme part of the continent. The scene that it offers to us recalls still today, in spite of all the natural adversities, it makes you of its ancient history and the great civilization that always have it marked.

Regarding its geographic position, to the center of the Mediterranean, (the coordinates from the meridian of Greewich are of 38░ 11 ' of latitude and 15░ 34' of longitude) that Messina must to the civilization millenarian and its fortunes, today are one natural port of call of extreme importance for the communications between the continent and the rest of the island.




The Dome and Fountain of Orione


Votive Temple of Christ King

Institute Annibale Maria Di Francia

The monument rises in the place where anciently it was the Fortress of Roccaguelfonia.

The construction neobarocca of Milani architect, dedicated to the Fallen, was inaugurated in 1937.

In the octagonal tower of 1100, to side of the church, the bell of the Fallen is placed that is between the largest of Italy

(weight catches up the 13 tons).

From Christ King the panorama of the City and the Strait admires.

Sanctuary of Montalto

Announced of the Catalans

The Strait of Messina

Today to ribalta for the various relative plans you to the construction of a Bridge (they want to once again destroy my city) between the two sides, would be longest of the world (approximately 3 Km). The Strait was already famous in the omerico period. The difficulty of navigation for dying of violent, unexpected and contrasting twenty, for flowing to its inside of marine currents, true and own rivers that cross it to the speed of 9 km. hour, making some to ribollire waters and provoking dangerous vortices, the particularitity of the fauna, the exceptionality of phenomena which the mirage of the Fairy Morgana , the fascination of the landscape that surround it, determined rising of a rich mythology in which the aforesaid phenomena had legendary transfiguration 

Why to deface this beauty of the nature? 


Between the two coasts, the calabra Scilla monstrous enchantress siren, and Cariddi, Greek nymph transformed in the frightening fatal vortex and gorgo of Pel˛ro Head. Of six hours in six hours the Strait is covered alternatively from one current produced from the tendency to the levelling of the Tyrrhenian sea with the Jonio.

The Strait without Bridge is beautifulst!

Why to disfigure this wonder of the nature?


Lakes of Ganzirri


This beautifulst landscape will be altered, if not destroyed, from the construction of a cursed Bridge

that not servants to the sicialian and their economy, still less to the tourism 

because Messina and its landscape goes well therefore, as the nature has created them, 

all the rest is alone political propaganda or, worse, megalomania than someone... thanks, not!



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